New Program "Cayote, Raven, Spider, wendigo: Tricksters and Writers" Launched by WIFTV
August 31, 2017
Women in Film & Television Vancouver has launched a new program to support the development of Indigenous women writers and their screenplays.

WIFTV is excited to introduce Coyote, Raven, Spider, Wendigo: Tricksters and Writers, a feature film screenwriting program for Indigenous women. This twelve week program offers five workshops with ten participants led by Doreen Manuel and Peggy Thompson, as well as a presentation by film and television funders, and two informal group sessions for evaluation and reorientation.

The program has been developed by WIFTV in consultation with Doreen Manuel and Peggy Thompson. Doreen is a Secwepemc/Ktunuxa First Nations filmmaker, as well as the Coordinator/Instructor of the Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking program at Capilano University. Peggy is a screenwriter (The Lotus Eaters, Better than Chocolate) and Professor Emerita of UBC’s Creative Writing Program.

Application deadline is August 31st, 2017

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