NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema Stand Call for Indigenous Producers
December 4, 2017
NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema Stand is now taking applications from international Indigenous producers for a tailored career development program at Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival, the largest European film market!

The NATIVe Fellows program is a rare fellowship/lab opportunity that will bring together a small group of Indigenous producers from the Stand Partners’ regional areas whose EFM activities will be enhanced through specific training, meetings, networking events, panels, and social activities to orient and help them take full advantage of the EFM and the Berlinale. The Fellows will be overseen by a dedicated, Berlin-based coordinator with expertise in the EFM who will curate the program and work collaboratively to develop strategic plans and goals with each producer. NATIVe Fellows will be international, with one selected from each region and two from Canada with a special focus on producers from British Columbia (in partnership with the Country spotlight on Canada at the EFM for 2018).

Stand Partner regions that will be accepting applications include: Canada - with a special focus on British Columbia, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Sápmi Territory (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia), USA, Chile and Greenland/Denmark.


For questions about the program or for further inquiries, please email imagineNATIVE Industry:

Daniel Northway-Frank at 

Adriana Chartrand at