VIFF Immersed
September 29, 2018
October 2, 2018

New Realities in Storytelling, September 29

The New Realities Conference at VIFF is designed to connect the VIFF audience with global industry decision makers and leading creators making phenomenal work not only in artistic execution, but commercial market viability. The conference presents top creators, executives and case studies at intersection of production technologies, content creation and distribution.

BC Immersed, September 30

BC Immersed is a day of high value workshops for producers, directors, technologists and content commissioners wishing to understand multiple aspects of immersive production including image capture, production workflow and live 360 broadcasting and more. The top experts in each area will deliver these interactive workshops. The program also includes “BC Spotlight” presentations, which focuses on immersive content produced and created by BC-based companies.

VIFF Immersed: Exhibition, September 30 - October 2

The VIFF Immersed Exhibition is a three-day public, ticketed exhibition with the most important storytelling experiences that engage in a wide range of technology platforms AR, VR and MR. This exhibition celebrates the best of XR and represents the current state of the bourgeoning landscape.

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