On The Road 2.0 Touring Workshop
February 14, 2019
Tuesday, April 2 and Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Burnaby

Who should attend?

The workshop is for young, BC-based aspiring emerging artists, agents, managers and administratorsinterested in enhancing their knowledge about touring in BC, Canada, and the U.S. Our definition of emerging artists are who have mastered the basic techniques of their art form through education or apprenticeship, and are in the early stage of launching a professional career.

IMPORTANT: Please note that seating is limited. Those interested in attending who are not the target audience may be placed on a waitlist. They do not qualify for a travel subsidy, nor will they be considered for a 5-Minute Showcase. https://bctouring.org/touring-training-initiative/on-the-road-workshops

To register visit the BC Touring Council here