#CubeLearn: Making a Magic Wand w/Computer Vision
April 12, 2019
A Lunch & Learn event

#CubeLearn is a Lunch & Learn event presented by the Cube in partnership with Lawson Lundell and industry experts in AR/VR/MR. 

The Cube has the mandate to help position Vancouver as a global excellence center for XR technology and is committed to helping current professionals in gaming, VFX, and tech, to sustainably develop their skills and knowledge into VR/AR/MR technologies.


Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased here.

Making a Magic Wand - by FTSY

Ryan Smith, Founder & CEO of FTSY ('footsy'), will highlight the three barriers to a massively scalable computer vision solution on mobile. If you are building AR/VR/CV platforms, you're going to hit technical and user behaviour risks. Hear about how FTSY has crushed problems and seen #fails in its mission to deploy a magic wand for shopping.

Ryan Smith, Founder & CEO, FTSY