Shambhala Music Festival
August 9, 2019
August 12, 2019
This year marks their 22nd year running!

Over the past twenty years, Shambhala Music Festival has proven itself to be a wonderland filled with not only groundbreaking sounds and trends, but also as the host to a community that embraces guests from all walks of life; allowing attendees to truly feel as though they have found a place they can call home each year. Escaping the commotion of the big city, guests are welcomed with open arms into the beautiful Kootenay Mountains as they embark on an adventure they won’t easily forget.

Throughout the evolution of the festival, one clear value has remained constant; to continue to be the backdrop for an unparalleled experience. Believing in the power of nature, synchronicity, and the moments in between, Shambhala can promise that what is felt on the Ranch is not within the realm of ordinary.

Shambhala Music Festival has provided the tools needed for your adventure, how you choose to embark on your experience is up to you. Whether getting lost on the Farm is what it takes to find yourself, or amongst the rush you find a stillness within, your journey is how you make it. So pause, take a deep breath, and let the magic of Shambhala Music Festival navigate you through the endless possibilities.

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