Submission Guidelines 

Submitted locations will not be accepted if they do not meeT thE followinG guidelines:

  • Professional photos are not required.  However, photos that are dark, out-of-date, poorly focused, or too small or low-resolution will not be accepted.  
  • Images must be properly oriented.  Photos submitted upside down or sideways will not be accepted.  
  • The submitter must be the actual owner of the property and/or have the authority to lease it for production.  
  • If the property is currently under construction or undergoing a remodel, please wait until the work is complete before submitting photos.   
  • Property descriptions should include specific details such as square footage, architectural style, year built, number of bedrooms, special features or assets, etc.  
  • Include photos of the assets in your description (pool, barn, etc.).  
  • Please do not submit locations more than once.


  • Shoot the exterior and interior of the property.  

  • For exteriors, take a photo of the building, including driveway, sidewalk and green space from across the street.  

  • Take a photo of the street looking both directions  

  • From the front door, take a reverse photo to show the property and what is across the street. Use the same process for the back of the property.  

  • For interiors, duplicate the experience of someone walking through the building.  

  • Starting at the entrance, take a photo looking through the door.  From the opposite side of the entrance, take a photo of the reverse looking toward the door.  

  • Stand at one end of each room, off from the corner, and shoot a reverse from the opposite side of the room. Show entrances in your photos if possible.  

  • Shoot the room to give a sense of space - not individual decorative details.  

  • Please ensure photos are in focus and in colour with no filters applied.  

  • There is a 30-image maximum per submission. We reserve the right to select the best group among the submitted photos and delete those which are redundant or of poor quality.  


  • Hold the phone horizontally with the camera on the left hand side (landscape),  not vertically (portrait).  

  • When sending the images from your phone, select Actual Size. Do not reduce the image size as they become too small and will appear pixelated.   

  • Once you have gathered your photos, please submit them using the Electronic Submission Form at the end of these instructions.   


  • If using an SLR camera, please do not use a wide-angle lens.  It will distort the visual space and will not accurately represent a room. Keep the lens at 50mm.  

  • File size is minimum 500 KB and maximum 6 MB.   

  • Images must be in JPEG format  

  • Preferred HD size – 1920 x 1080  

  • Once you have gathered your photos, please submit them using the Electronic Submission Form at the end of these instructions.   


  • Properties that are listed for sale.  

  • Photos that are watermarked.  

  • Submissions sent via email. You must use the Electronic Submission Form at the end of these instructions.  

  • Photographs that were taken by a professional photographer for purposes other than listing your property in the library.  

  • Photos with date stamps or text.  

  • Staged photos highlighting people, pets or objects.  

  • Screen captures or brochures.  

Please adhere to the above guidelines. They are in place to ensure your submission will meet our minimum standards required for inclusion in the database.  

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