Creative BC has created a resource table for the motion picture, interactive, music and publishing industries that allows you to find resources that are catered to your needs.



How to use the table

Search by Industry
To use the Filter button, click Filter. The Filter will have an option open that says “Where“. Click the dropdown and select Industry along with “has any of” on the next dropdown. Then select your industry.

Search by your needs
If you are a seeking opportunities looking for job boards add a new filter by clicking +Add Filter, click the And option, select “has any of” on the dropdown menu and check off all that apply.

When you apply filters, the sheet will automatically sort to find the best results.

Search using keywords
Using the magnifying glass on the top right of the table, you can easily and quickly search for resources such as grants, business support or mental health resources. Just click the magnifying glass and type in keywords!