In Production

Every week we publish a list of current productions that are shooting, or about to shoot, in British Columbia. The information provided is current as of october 12th, 2018.

  • Please Note:  This list is prepared for information purposes and was gathered from industry sources including productions that register with the Directors Guild of Canada- BC District Council. The inclusion of any company or production in this list does not in any way constitute an endorsement by Creative BC of such company or production and Creative BC does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. The list may not be inclusive of all productions being made in BC such as lifestyle productions, documentaries, or animated projects.

Local Production Company: New Resolution Productions Inc.
Director: JB Sugar
Exec. Producer(s): Kim Arnott
PM: John Prince
PC: Jim Mckeown
LM: Dominic Main
ALM: Wayne Toews
Production Address: 601 - 2400 Boundary Road, Burnaby BC, V5M 3Z3
Sched: Oct 15/18 - Nov 02/18
Tel: 604 628 3150
Local Production Company: Blue Wig Productions Inc.
Director: Alexandra Kalymanios
Exec. Producer(s): Shawn Williamson
Producer: Kevin Leeson
PM: Charles Lyall
PC: Kahtleen Whelan
LM: Christina Ollson
ALM: Sean Jmaeff
Extras: Stephanie Boeke
Production Address: 810-2400 Boundary Road, Burnaby BC, V5M 3Z3
Sched: Oct 09/18 - Oct 30/18
Tel: 604 292 5010
Local Production Company: Christmas Bells Productions Ltd.
Director: Patrick WIlliams
PM: Paul Rayman
PC: Miles Gorovich
LM: Terry Hayes
ALM: Erin Prachun
Production Address: 836 Viewfield Road, Victoria BC, V9A 4V1
Sched: Oct 09/18 - Oct 27/18
Tel: 778 432 4572
Local Production Company: FP Productions Inc.
Director: Manu Boyer
Exec. Producer(s): Shawn Williamson
Producer: Rob Lycar, Jamie Goehring
PM: Robert Lycar
PC: Scott Matthews
LM: Steven Sach
ALM: Stephen Sangster
Production Address: 2484 Renfrew Street, Vancouver BC, V5M 3K2
Sched: Oct 22/18 - Nov 09/18
Tel: 604 215 1656
Local Production Company: Bad Angels Productions Ltd.
Director: Theresa Bennett
Exec. Producer(s): Tony Phelan
Producer: Tracey Jeffrey
PM: Simon Richardson
PC: Stacey A. Harris
LM: Kirk Johns
ALM: W. Robert Millar, Kirstie Campbell, Korey Petrie
Extras: James Forsyth
Production Address: 3500 Cornett Road, Vancouver BC, V5M 2H5
Sched: Nov 06/18 - Nov 30/18
Tel: 604 453 4950
Director: Mel Damski
Producer: Harvey Kahn
PM: Jamie Lake
PC: Yale Kussin
LM: Sarah Done
ALM: Brendon Olsen
Production Address: 1950 Franklin Street, Vancouver BC, V5L 1R2
Sched: Oct 01/18 - Oct 19/18
Tel: 604 257 4720
Local Production Company: Copy Productions Inc.
Director: Paul Ziller
Exec. Producer(s): Shawn Williamson
Producer: Jamie Goehring, John MacCarthy
PM: Robyn Wiener
PC: Scott Matthews
LM: John Wittmayer
ALM: Jason Traversy
Extras: Stephanie Boeke
Production Address: 2484 Renfrew Street, Vancouver BC, V5M 3K2
Sched: Oct 05/18 - Oct 26/18
Tel: 604 215 1656
MR. 365
Local Production Company: Pender Productions Inc.
Director: Christie Will Wolfe
Producer: Gilles Laplante
PM: Richard Greenhalgh
PC: Christopher Langford
LM: Tarina Colledge
Production Address: 200-3920 Norland Avenue, Burnaby BC, V5G 4K7
Sched: Oct 09/18 - Oct 26/18
Tel: 604 873 1100
Local Production Company: Hometown Productions Inc.
Director: Maclain Nelson
Producer: Navid Soofi
PM: Darren Robson
PC: Jeff Desmarais
LM: Garrett Vandusen
ALM: Abdulla Daiani
Production Address: 2963 Lake City Way, Burnaby BC V5A 2Z6
Sched: Oct 15/18 - Nov 02/18
Tel: 236 330 6030