Provincial Film Commission App

Creative BC supports, facilitates, sustains and enhances British Columbia’s motion picture industry by providing industry expertise and production support, competitive tax incentives, A World of Looks™ locations library, script breakdowns and location packages, scouting services, industry and comprehensive production resource information for the entire province of British Columbia, Canada. BC is known for its diverse locations, experienced crews, world class VFX production and robust infrastructure, which includes 2.5+million square feet of studio space.

Services are provided free of charge for the benefit of the motion picture industry and the communities in which they work. We help ensure that productions enjoy smooth and efficient operations wherever they shoot, whether in urban or wilderness locations.

Creative BC delivers expertise and support in community affairs management via collaboration with a network of partnerships with eight Regional Film Commissions, 33 Municipal Film Offices, provincial and federal government agencies, labour unions, industry organizations and associations to support you during every stage of your production.