Cast and Crew


  • Cannot trespass on private property. They must remain within the boundaries of the property that has been permitted for filming.
  • Cannot drink alcohol on public property.
  • Must be served their meals, and eat, in the designated areas.
  • Must follow smoking restrictions and always leave cigarettes butts in the appropriate containers.
  • Shall keep noise as low as possible at all times and refrain from using lewd or improper language.
  • Shall wear appropriate clothing for example, T-shirts with offensive slogans are not acceptable – and comply with appropriate employee safety regulations.
  • Will wear a production pass, as required.
  • Will not bring guests or pets to the location, without advance permission.

Thank you for honouring this Code of Conduct.

Failure to comply can result in disciplinary action by the government authority, production company, union, guild or association.