Building Trust and Accountability: Report on Eligibility in the Indigenous Screen Sector

Mar 15, 2023

This report was developed by Archipel Research and Consulting Inc., in collaboration with the Indigenous Screen Office (ISO) and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), as the final report for a national consultation process about Indigenous eligibility requirements for funding. This project intended to analyze and explore considerations for eligibility, including definitions, and criteria needed to identify Indigenous applicants for the purposes of Indigenous-specific funding and support, and to develop policy recommendations and a framework for Indigenous-specific funding. To do so, we connected with Indigenous industry professionals, cultural experts, traditional knowledge keepers, academics, artists, and media content creators from across Canada.

This report summarizes the findings from one-on-one interviews, focus groups, a survey, and open engagements conducted between July and October 2021.

A total of 24 interviews and 5 focus groups comprising a total of 24 participants were conducted, along with 173 survey responses, in order to receive input on how funding agencies and organizations like the ISO and APTN should approach Indigenous-specific funding and support. The interviews, surveys, and focus groups led to the development of a brief discussion document, which was then presented back to the Indigenous community in three open engagement sessions with 32 participants. Through these consultations, key themes emerged relating to applicant eligibility and requirements, the application review process, and the remedy process for false representation. These, along with their subsequent recommendations, are explored in depth below.

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