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Telefilm Makes Sustainability Plans Mandatory

Films selected for funding under Telefilm Canada’s production support programs will now be required to submit a sustainability plan before the start of principal photography. The requirement was announced in an industry advisory by the Crown corporation on Tuesday...

Neurodiversity at Work

Apr 1, 2023

This guide was created by CIPD in collaboration with Uptimize. The CIPD is a global not-for-profit professional body for HR and people development. Uptimize is an organization with a mission to pioneer neurodiversity in the workplace through online learning. Uptimize provides online training tools both for neurodivergent job-seekers, and for employers looking to embrace neurodiversity and become neurodiversity smart.

The guide has two main aims: first, to raise awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace among employers; and second, to inspire more employers to action – to take steps to encourage neurodiverse job applicants, remove potential ‘friction points’ in the hiring process and to support their staff to achieve their potential. In this guide, you’ll find practical examples from organizations already appreciating the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce and actively supporting their staff. Through case study research, it’s clear that adjustments made to enable neurodivergent individuals to thrive at work frequently benefit everyone. Most are low-cost and easy to implement – and can make a significant difference to an individual’s working life, their potential to contribute to the organization and to build a lasting career. This guide provides the starting point for both greater awareness and action.

Sections of the guide cover definitions and understanding of neurodiversity as it relates to the workplace, the case for action (and risks of inactivity) and how you can make both your people management approach and workplaces more ‘neurodiversity smart’. There is equal emphasis on the necessary culture change needed for greater understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity – and its value to employers – and tangible action steps that can be taken to create a more inclusive, engaged, and potentially more innovative organisation. This guide is intended to spur on action from employers to create more inclusive workplaces where neurodivergent individuals can thrive.

Access the guide here

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