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This resource was developed as an industry-focused support to increase cultural competence and inclusive practices within the motion picture and creative industry’s businesses and systems.

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    Creative Equity Roadmap Tips

    How to be a Trans Ally

    Allies have been indispensable in the journey of transgender people. Without them, this would be a very lonely road. - Alyssa Being an ally is all about the journey. When PFLAG National launched the Straight for Equality program in 2007, the mission was to create a...

    Best PracticesCreative Equity Roadmap

    Bystander Intervention Guide

    The City of Vancouver has created a Bystander Intervention Guide. Actively fighting racism requires being an ally and standing up against hate. [button link="" type="big"...

    Creative Equity Roadmap Tips

    Anti-Asian Discrimination Resources

    The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion has created a guide of resources for anti-Asian discrimination. [button link="" type="big" color="pink"...

    Creative Equity Roadmap Tips

    Neurodiversity Resources

    The concept of neurodiversity was coined by Judy Singer, a sociologist on the autism spectrum, in the 1990’s. The idea behind neurodiversity is that it is acceptable for people to have brains that function differently, and that there is not a “right” way to think,...

    Creative Equity Roadmap Tips

    Mental Health in the Workplace

    The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion has created a guide to support mental health in the workplace Tune in, express, and embrace your emotions - even the uncomfortable ones. It is critical to have these dialogues to engage our workplaces and communities...

    Best PracticesCreative Equity Roadmap

    LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion

    The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion presents a document with educational resources including webinars, articles, books, reports, film and TV, podcasts, social media and more for promoting and encouraging LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion. Access the document...

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