Commit to a shared intent, measure progress.

#BCfilm JEDDI foundations

Setting a shared intent

You can support these foundational ideas and transformation across B.C.’s motion picture industry through JEDDI practice and culture-shift within your own company, organization or business.

Support the #BCFilm JEDDI Foundations


1. As an industry, we have the greatest potential to thrive when our industry culture is equitable, diverse and inclusive.

2. To advance equity, diversity and inclusion in the industry, measurable and sustainable actions are needed to counter systemic barriers, explicit and unconscious biases and inequities. This includes intersectionality and addressing obstacles faced by, but not limited to, Indigenous, Black and People of Colour, People Living with Disabilities, people who are LGBTQ2AI+ and Women.

3. The industry needs more qualitative and quantitative data to measure, monitor, understand and publicly report on challenges and progress made. The analysis of the data should inform and support improved understanding and ongoing systemic changes to close gaps in workforce representation, belonging, and the sense of cultural safety in B.C.’s motion picture industry workforce.

4. When equity, diversity and inclusion considerations are integral to the content, stories, training, learning, and leadership of the industry, quality of product, service, and experience are heightened not only for those working within the industry, but for people of all communities who depend on the industry’s stories to reflect their value and to shape our culture and society.

5. Advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion is a shared responsibility that requires dedicated resources, understanding, and strong leadership at all levels. Industry leadership demonstrates commitment through public endorsement, by ensuring the advancement of equity, diversity and inclusion in the industry is resourced, and by embedding changes in governance and accountability structures.

6. Issues of individual safety, trust, belonging, privacy and power differentials must be recognized and pro-actively addressed; this will be most successful when those impacted are directly engaged in defining the actions.

7. Achieving the overall objectives of the Creative Pathways strategy – to increase workforce capacity in B.C.’s motion picture industry through more fair and balanced representation – involves collaboration, transparency, sharing of challenges and successes.

Adapted from and informed by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s Dimensions for Research

Data Collection and Measurement

Visit creativepathwayscanada.com/equity to see how organizations are making commitments through policy and programs and demonstrating accountability through self-identification and workforce composition measurement.

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