Establish committed collaborations and restorative practices

A Collaborative Resource

Responsibility for JEDDI work at the individual and organizational levels is clear, but industry and sector transformation depends on collaborative partnerships and formalized collaborative action. The work is to challenge, inform and catalyze wide-ranging changes that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Motion Picture Industry Transformative Action

JEDDI research, resources and actions across the industry.

British Columbia
Labour Market Study - A Catalyst for Change

British Columbia Motion Picture Industry Below-the-Line Labour Market Study, 2019

The industry conducted a labour market study that discovered 14% lower workforce participation by women and racialized people in the industry’s workforce. Among the recommendations of the study, were to diversify the workforce deliberately.

Acting on recommendations from this labour market study, Creative BC, MPPIA and B.C.’s motion picture industry developed a strategy to deliberately increase workforce capacity through greater diversity and representation across the industry: above-the-line, below-the-line, and in animation, VFX and post-production.

Internal work for associations, unions and guilds includes ongoing partnership, workforce measurement, and building cultural competency within the organizations and workforce themselves. Workforce attraction will be supported by the Creative Pathways Platform.

View the Labour Market Study

Creative Pathways

This major initiative, funded through the Canada-B.C. Labour Market Development Agreement and Warner Bros. Discovery Access Canada, delivers information to all British Columbians with distinctive equity-focused pathways:

  • Website – The first comprehensive, career-focused knowledge hub about entering B.C.’s motion picture industry
  • Setwork – Employer and production services to attract diverse applicants to paid work opportunities
  • Meet 10 – Small online meetings building relationships between career career-seekers and hirers
  • Greet 10x – Tailored, open, online info sessions on a variety of topics by industry insiders for anyone to join

Visit the Creative Pathways website

Access information on Equity-related topics published on the Creative Pathways website:

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Directory of Resources

As a precursor to the Creative Equity Roadmap, the industry began by publishing a shared resource directory of initiatives, lists and learning – The ED&I Resource Directory, curated by Creative BC with submissions from MPPIA members.

Visit the ED&I Resource Directory

Safe Workplaces Module | CMPA, Canada Media Fund, Telefilm Canada

The goal of the Safe Workplaces training module is to provide individuals working in Canada’s screen-based production sector with a collective understanding of the basic tenets of a safe and respectful workplace, and set expectations of behaviour. 25 minute video.

Visit the Safe Workplaces module

Creative BC

Creative BC’s granting programs are supporting equity in 10 ways. Overall, the organization is committed to serve the creative industries with JEDDI values (Justice, Equity, Decolonization, Diversity and Inclusion). 

Learn more about the actions and approaches at Creative BC here.

Anti-Bullying and Harassment | Actsafe Safety Association

Define bullying and harassment; Respond to incidents of bullying and harassment; Describe procedures for employers and workers; Locate anti-bullying and harassment resources. One-hour module.
View the course here

Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | IATSE Local 891

Find all of the reports, action plans and resources here.
REDI – IATSE User ID. If you do not have your user ID, please contact Dispatch at 604-664-8916 or Reception at 604-664-8910 and they will provide it.

Measuring the Workforce | UBCP/ACTRA

A look at the members of this B.C.-based guild of performers.
View the report here

Black Screen Office

The Black Screen Office’s mission is to make Canada’s screen industries practices and policies equitable and free of anti-Black racism; to work collaboratively with decision-makers to develop tools and strategies that enable system-level engagement and accountability; and to empower Black Canadians working within the screen industries to thrive and share their stories.

Visit the Black Screen Office website

Canadian Broadcasters


When Canadian broadcasters Bell, Corus, CBC and Rogers commission original  television projects, their production partners must use the HireBIPOC national directory to source roles as a condition of hire.

Visit the HireBIPOC website


CBC/Radio Canada

CBC/Radio Canada reports on its Diversity and Inclusion plans annually. As a federally regulated broadcaster, reports on employment equity are also filed.

Visit the CBC “Our Numbers” website
Visit the CBC Diversity and Inclusion Plans



The federal broadcast regulator (the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission or CRTC) requests that all major broadcasters in Canada  voluntarily remit their gender parity plans, which includes commitments to independent productions. All major Canadian broadcasters have committed to gender parity in leadership roles by 2025, which will influence both above -the-line positions in independent production and leadership composition at the broadcaster.

Visit the Broadcaster Voluntary Action Plans


Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

The CRTC has published an overview of cultural diversity goals in the Broadcasting Act.

Visit the CRTC goals

Coalition for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

The Coalition for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions brings together Canada’s main French- and English-speaking organizations of professionals in the cultural sector. The forty member associations represent more than 200,000 creators and professionals and 2,000 companies in the cultural sector.

Equally concerned about the economic health of the cultural sector and the vitality of cultural creation, the CDCE is particularly interested in the treatment of culture in trade agreements and the impact of the digital environment on the diversity of cultural expressions.

Visit the website

Measuring the Workforce | Directors Guild of Canada

Report covering the demographic characteristics of members of this national organization. This census is one of the BIPOC committee’s top priorities. Its purpose is transparency, accountability and change. These results lay the groundwork for policies.
View the report here

Safe Workplaces Training Module | CMPA, Canada Media Fund, Telefilm Canada

The goal of the Safe Workplaces training module is to provide individuals working in Canada’s screen-based production sector with a collective understanding of the basic tenets of a safe and respectful workplace, and set expectations of behaviour. 25 minute video.

Visit the Safe Workplaces module

Protocols and Pathways | Indigenous Screen Office (ISO)

The ISO’s Protocols and Pathways resources are central to shifting industry practices for Indigenous productions, and for furthering the  Indigenous narrative sovereignty on screens. There has been tremendous uptake since the release of the protocols, and as production teams begin to formally implement various practices, they are seeking a deeper understanding of how to apply protocols throughout their process.

Learn how to begin to integrate the traditional values and practices into the contemporary way of doing things and reflect them in the business models you employ

Visit the Protocols page on the ISO website

The tools and resources offered are an expansion of the document Pathways and Protocols: A Media Production Guide for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Communities, Cultures, Concepts and Stories [PDF, 2 MB].

Industry Associations

Policy for Change

Industry organizations are also driving equity principles through changes in leadership, policy and practices

Vancouver Post Alliance has an anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policy.

As other industry organizations publish policy, we’ll include them here.

National Funding Agencies

National funding agencies are supporting equity. Canada-wide organizations such as the National Film Board, the Canada Media Fund and Telefilm Canada have collectively committed to gender parity for above-the-line roles in their investments. 

Additionally, these national agencies are supporting development of key creatives through various pilot programs and funds to invest in businesses and key creative talent that are owned and controlled by individuals from one or more underrepresented groups.

National Film Board of Canada

The National Film Board committed to Indigenous Equity in 2017, allocating 15% of their production spending to projects by Indigenous directors.  This follows their 2016 commitment to 50% of their production spending to projects directed by women.

Canada Media Fund

The Canada Media Fund has an Equity and Inclusion Strategy and supports gender parity in their funding programs.

Telefilm Canada

Telefilm Canada has published their Equity and Representation Action Plan and supports gender parity in their funding and promotional activities. Data Collection guidelines and processes are in place for directors, writers, producers, co-producers and executive producers accessing some funding programs.

Racial Equity Screen Office

RESO is a Vancouver-based national office that supports the mentorship, training, funding, production, and distribution of content by racialized Canadian filmmakers. RESO amplifies diverse stories told through its members’ diasporic migrant lens with a major goal to build greater business opportunities and markets for content from racialized communities in and outside of Canada.

Visit the RESO website

Global Inspiration
The Creative Equity Toolkit | Diversity Arts Australia and The British Council

The Creative Equity Toolkit is an inspiring international perspective on increasing equity in the creative industries. It is action-oriented and aggregates information from around the world, with a focus on its jurisdiction of origin, Australia. 

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