British Columbia is home to the second largest English-language book publishing sector in Canada.  BC and Canadian authors celebrate the spirit and colorful history of our province and instill readers with a sense of pride and understanding of place. Hundreds of books ranging from award-winning authors like David Suzuki and Douglas Copeland, to best-selling books in a number of genres are published each year in BC. 

BC’s publishing sector has talented professionals in all facets of the industry including award winning authors, editors, designers, distributors and sales and marketing specialists. BC publishers employ leading business practices and are committed to innovation and the promotion of  Canadian authors at home and internationally. Titles are available in print, digital formats and online and BC publishers continue to achieve both commercial and critical success around the globe.

The book publishing sector in BC is essential to the educational, social, cultural and economic life of the province. For decades, BC fiction and non-fiction books have engaged and informed Canadian and international readers of every age.  BC fiction and non-fiction works are diverse and span cultural, social, political, environmental and recreational themes.  Published books are also a key source of creative content for other creative industries including film, television and digital media.

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