Creative Industries Overview

British Columbia is well positioned to lead and embrace opportunities within the global creative economy.  The province is home to a thriving  digital media sector, a booming motion picture industry, and vibrant, diverse book and magazine publishing industries with a world-renowned music and sound recording artists and companies to round out the offerings of this sector in B.C. 

BC’s creative industry is currently recognized for:

  • Having the highest number of interactive gaming companies in Canada;
  • Being one of North America's top four largest motion picture production centres, after LA, New York and slightly behind Ontario for the first time in 2020, prior to which it had been third-largest for many years;
  • Producing a large number of successful and internationally renowned recording artists;
  • Being the second largest English language book and magazine publishing sector outside of Ontario.

In addition, British Columbia has a strong foundation for developing creative talent in tech, trade, business and the arts through through its rich network of world-recognized post-secondary institutions and focused trades schools from which local talent is recruited.



Exponential growth in demand for creative products across evolving delivery platforms has been a significant driver of B.C.'s creative economy. Use of the internet, digital technologies and mobile devices has increased phenomenally over the past decade, driving content producers to seize opportunity, develop new business models and find new ways to monetize their creative products.

Underlying a massive movement towards digital delivery and consumption, one fact remains clear. Entertainment content in the forms of written text, audio/video productions, interactive games and experiences as well as music are the products that consumers can't live without--whether online, via smart TV's or across personal devices. Each platform and audience expands opportunity for the creative industries value chain and for imaginative storytellers. 

In addition to the innovative nature of the creative industries in the province, the sector also makes use of synergies and skills from a common, creative talent pool. BC’s creative industries do not operate in silos but converge on many common grounds to catalyze business opportunities among firms and across industries, including those beyond this sector alone.