SIM Camera

Sim is a leading supplier of camera equipment, dailies and post-production solutions. With offices spanning North America, Sim’s team and services have supported features such as Spotlight, Funny Boy, Motherless Brooklyn, and You Should Have Left; award-winning documentaries Free Solo and The Last Dance; and hit television series including Game of Thrones, Watchmen, Good Doctor, Schitt’s Creek, Mr. Mayor, Umbrella Academy and Handmaid’s Tale. Sim’s Toronto and Vancouver facilities provide camera equipment rentals, while all our geographic locations (Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta) provide an array of services from dailies, to online and offline editing, to final color/DI and visual effects, to sound editorial and mixing.
Steve Demeter
3645 Grandview Highway Vancouver, BC, V5M 2G7
Tel: 604-298-5258