Tahoe Industries Canada Ltd
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Our Company has been serving Vancouver’s Movie Industry since 1977. We provide exceptional on-site accommodations for casts, writers, producers and directors. In addition, we also provide flat deck trucks and prop trucks to the industry.

In our pursuit to become a more sustainable, we have designed our trailers with this is goal in mind. All our newly designed units are built with eco-friendly materials (ie recycled materials), energy efficient appliances and solar panels for renewable energy generation. In addition, we are also retrofitting our existing fleet with solar panels to harness the renewable energy to power our trailers.

Finally, we have recently renovated our offices as well to achieve our goal to become more sustainable. New energy efficient windows and doors as well we have installed a brand new high efficient HVAC system for cooling and heating.
Thomas Yip
4888 Still Creek Ave Burnaby, BC V5C 4E4
Tel: (604) 299-1008