Provincial Film Location Policy

British Columbia welcomes a vibrant film and television industry, and encourages the safe use of public property throughout British Columbia

The British Columbia film and television industry is an important part of British Columbia’s economy. This policy is designed to encourage access to British Columbia's diverse location resources and to ensure fairness and consistency in the allocation of public property to filmmakers in the province. 


1.  The government will start from "yes". 

Requests to use public property for film activities will be approved wherever reasonably possible.

2.  Decisions will be timely.

Recognizing that filming is a time-constrained activity, decisions will be made within five working days.

3.  Decision makers will be accountable.

The decision maker will always provide a written reason when use of public property is denied.  The Minister responsible for film in British Columbia will receive a copy of the written reason.                  

4.  Decision-making processes will be transparent.

All information necessary for filmmakers to access public property will be made as accessible as possible and government will endeavour to make information centrally available through a one-window approach on the Internet.

5.  Fees will be competitive.

Fees will be globally competitive, and consistent for similar properties.  The number of location fees per production will be minimized. Fees may vary based on time and intensity of use.  Fees will be reviewed against competitors on a regular basis.

6.  Administrative processes will be streamlined to be as simple and accessible as possible.

Government will continue to eliminate unnecessary red tape and develop streamlined permitting and contracting mechanisms, including electronic mechanisms.

7.  Public services must be delivered. 

Filmmaking on public property should occur with a minimum of inconvenience to the public. No essential government service will be impaired by film activity.

8.  Industry will assume appropriate risks.

The costs of production, liabilities and reclamation and remediation, where appropriate, are among the risks assumed by the industry and not government.

9.  The Code of Conduct for Cast and Crew, developed by Creative BC, should be adopted.  

All productions should adopt this Code of Conduct, which is representative of government's minimum expectations for activity on locations.