Step 2 - Location Availability + Approvals

Locations being considered for a production should be pre-booked with the local municipal film office or relevant agency to ensure there are no conflicts regarding their use. These conflicts can include road construction, other film production activities or other events occurring in communities. In some communities there are seasonal restrictions as well.

You can find contact information for municipal liaison offices and other approving authorities under

Production personnel should provide the following information to the local permitting authority to ensure the proposed activities comply with local guidelines and bylaws.

  • Forward an application form to all jurisdictions in which the production will be filming (ie. City of Vancouver Film Office or City of Burnaby Film Office).
  • Visit their websites for Guidelines and Procedures.
  • Outline any special effects or gunfire associated with the proposed location (note: approvals for these activities may take extra time to process).
  • Obtain a photo release from the property owner if it isn’t in the location agreement already; this is important for the legal use of trademarks and signs in a production.

To help ensure community buy-in, location managers should visit neighbours to explain the proposed project. It is also recommended that property owners contact their immediate neighbours in consideration of their decision to host a motion picture production on their property.

It’s a good idea for the property owner/manager to ensure someone is available to escort the location manager, and answer any specific questions.

After the initial visit by the Location Manager or Scout, a property owner/manager should expect additional visits by key creative production personnel. This is a process of elimination and your property may not be chosen in the end.