Step 3 - Surveying + Selecting Locations

The process of choosing a location begins with a site visit by the producer’s location manager or scout. The manager will probably take pictures of your property and gather other information such as:

  • Sun exposure
  • Ambient noise
  • Vehicle access and parking
  • Elevator and stair access
  • Power availability
  • Equipment and holding areas

Often productions evaluate a number of sites before one is selected. To be chosen is like winning a location lottery.

The final decision to use a location is the responsibility of a creative team, not just the location manager.

Changes in schedule or budget, could affect this decision even after a location has been chosen. Property owners/managers should be contacted ASAP if their property is not being used as a location. Visiting producers should be kept informed regarding local regulations.

A copy of Best Practices Code of Conduct should be provided to all crew members, and Producers should be notified of any location restrictions or regulations such as noise bylaws.

Successful location owners/managers should be provided with complete details of the proposed shoot, and a draft Location Agreement for consideration and review.

If not already done, every production company should visit the Creative BC website to register their project using the online form

It also includes information sheets about motion picture production. These forms can be used when local government or private property forms are not available.