Step 6 - Responding in a Timely Manner

Time constraints are critical to motion picture production. The BC Government is committed to facilitating use of locations within five working days and local governments and private property owners are encouraged to do the same or better.

This goal is easy to achieve when the production is simple, short and will have little impact on public use of property or program delivery. Where the proposal is more complex, or involves a higher level of community impact, completing the process required and documentation may take longer.

Filming proposals may present a problem for the property owner/manager. An immediate response should be provided if this is so. The location may be unavailable at the particular time requested, or it may be immediately apparent that the application is likely to be approved, pending satisfactory negotiations on minor issues. In such cases, it is courteous and helpful to give the production company that information.

Where approval from more than one agency is required, the Provincial Government is developing new strategies to coordinate the approval process. A standardized application for use is being developed that will facilitate filming and will also help producers avoid being billed more than once for use of the same property.