Step 7 - The Agreement

Most production companies have their own Location Use Agreements or contracts. These should identify the parties and set out all pertinent data including the time and duration of the shoot, the specific uses of the location and the number of people and vehicles involved. Relevant drawings and maps should be included. Issues such as liability insurance and any costs or fees should be itemized.

Fees refer specifically to charges by property owners/managers for the use of the property. You do not have to charge a fee, but it is a reasonable and normal expectation. Fees can typically range from $500.00 to $1500.00 per day, depending on the needs and complexity of the production. Preparation and restoration periods are usually charged at half the production day rate. As this is not a regular form of income to most property owners, one should consider the financial implications while negotiating.

The Provincial Government has a Fees and Licenses Review process and is committed to fees that are reasonable, competitive with other national and international jurisdictions, and consistent among agencies.

Production companies may offer services or goods-in- kind as an alternative to fees. These may be landscaping or construction services, props or structures that were built for the production that may be of use to the agency/property owner. This is a valid practice and one that can provide benefits that exceed the financial benefits of charging fees. The production company must assume liability for, and indemnify the government or property owner from and against, any damages resulting from actions of agents of the company and must provide proof of insurance coverage.

There are a number of considerations involving safety and security. The location itself may present risks, such as electrical generating facilities, industrial sites, or correctional institutions. The property owner/manager should provide the production with detailed guidelines regarding filming in restricted areas, and on the property. These should be included in the contract. If an agent of the property owner/manager needs to be present during filming, this should be clearly stated in the contract and may also be considered a cost item for the production company.