Step 9 - The Schedule - Prep, Shoot + Wrap

Film-making is an unpredictable business. Weather, availability of key cast and crew, access to other locations and a host of other creative factors can affect the shooting schedule. Since re-scheduling or even dropping a location can be a minor irritant or a major disruption, location managers are expected to employ their best efforts to avoid such changes.

Where change cannot be avoided, property owners/managers should be prepared to be flexible and accommodating; avoiding arbitrary rules and assessing each case on its individual merits.

If for some reason the property is not available for a requested re-shoot, the property owner/manager should make every effort to propose alternative times or locations.

In situations where disruptions in the filming schedule have cost implications (for either the property owner/manager or producer), or in situations where disputes arise (e.g., when application for use requested is turned down), Creative BC should be contacted and will investigate and if appropriate, attempt to arbitrate.