Stages and Studio Facilities

BC’s comprehensive studio facilities ensure that every manner of facility is available to meet the full scope of production requirements. Purpose built, warehouse conversion, FX and broadcast stages – BC’s stage infrastructure features state of the art facilities with some of North America’s largest among its 100 stages, offering in house effects capabilities, production support buildings and a full range of amenities. 

In 2021 Creative BC mapped over 2.5 million square feet of stage space with a network of stages ranging from 2,000 sq. ft. at their smallest to more than 120,000 sq. ft. at the top end of the scale, with a wide selection of stage specs in between. Whether its demanding special effects sequences, large set builds that are challenging for their sheer size, or the look of a specialized ‘location’, BC has the capacity to service the unique needs of over fifty productions at any given time. Need a western town, cobblestone street or hospital set? It is here, along with an array of technical support, built ins and options designed to streamline the production process. 

Greater Vancouver - In the Zone Greater Vancouver- Outside the Zone
Purpose Built Stages Converted Stages
Converted Stages FX and Broadcast Stages
FX and Broadcast Stages  

Facilities located outside of Greater Vancouver  
Converted Stages