All Departments

There are many basic things that everyone can do, no matter in what department they work.

  • Ensure the set is equipped with recycling facilities
  • Ensure all crew members are aware of environmental standards for the production
  • Where possible minimise the use of disposable items
  • Buy environmentally friendly products with recycled content
  • Use environmentally responsible cleaning products on location
  • If composting is available, provide food waste bins for use on set
  • Provide facilities for the disposal of chewing gum and provide butt buckets or personal/pocket ashtrays for cast and crew
  • Familiarise crew regarding the Code of Conduct for Filming in BC
  • Identify any unique guidelines or regulations associated with the location including local, provincial and First Nations protocols
  • Identify potential environmental impacts when assessing film locations for health and safety risks
  • Include environmental protection control measures in call sheets to raise awareness among cast and crew
  • Use spill kits and storm water drain covers as part of the standard equipment for working on location