Art + Set Dec + Construction

From script to vision, from design to build, from shooting and wrap; planning is everything when sourcing materials, building sets, and diverting waste from landfills.

  • Sell or donate unwanted set materials to local theatres, high schools, acting schools or other productions before opting for disposal
  • Support charities that are willing to pick up, recycle and reuse materials
  • Where appropriate select paint and products with environmentally friendly labels
  • Dispose of paints and other hazardous materials in a responsible manner, e.g. returning paints to retailers, storing paints for future use
  • Do not allow paint or residuals from washing paint brushes to enter storm drains
  • Use recycled wood or wood from managed forests (Avoid Old Growth or endangered species)
  • Rent or lease larger items such as furniture and computers as an alternative to purchasing