Brandon Saunders | Reel Green Ambassador

  • I am the Facilities Maintenance Technician for Sim Lighting & Grip Vancouver and I am very passionate about our green initiative. I have been able to implement a warehouse wide recycle plan that is progressively lowering our waste levels. I feel that we as human beings have a responsibility to keep our environment clean and help educate all generations to come. The biggest way to to do this is to show them that we care through our actions.

    We here in Vancouver are working daily to improve our recycling processes. One thing that we have implemented is a bin for used Gels and diffusions. I have been informing our customers of this program and had great feedback and success. We are also in the process of making all of our divisions Idle free zones.


  • I pledge to help educate our clients and our employees. People will be more inclined to do more if they understand why!