Climate change is thought to be one of the biggest threats of our time. To address impacts of the motion picture industry and help productions reduce their environmental impacts and improve their overall environmental footprint, sustainable production efforts in British Columbia were formalized in 2006 through the Reel Green initiative. Today, Reel Green is a program funded by 13 industry stakeholders that prioritizes sustainable production education, engagement, communications and resources in line with a 5-year strategic plan.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) houses the Albert Project, a consortium of 14 of the UK’s largest production companies and broadcasters working toward the reduction of environmental impacts of the production process and enabling industry organizations to realize the environmental aspects of their stated vision and its implication for audience engagement. In September 2017, Creative BC on behalf of the Reel Green program and BAFTA officially entered into a collaboration to share tools and knowledge to advance motion picture industry globally. The first tool that these organizations are collaborating on is the training course called Climate and Sustainable Production.