Clara George | Reel Green Ambassador

  • I've become obsessed with the numbers. The massive volume of materials & energy each production uses, the numbers of the crew on each show and the massive potential that we collectively have to reduce our carbon footprint.

    A few years ago, we decided to reduce the amount of beef served by 2/3 or 100 lbs per week of shooting.

    100 lbs of beef has the same carbon footprint of driving a car 40,000 km.

    Over the course of 3 shows, 42 episodes of TV,  58 weeks of shooting, 5,800 lbs of beef...

    just one small crew has basically taken 72 cars off the road!

    One small decision. No additional cost.

    No compromise on the quality of the delicious food being served.

    And as I started to discuss it with others; I realized that every crew in the city was doing something!  

    Whether it was stepping up recycling, looking at alternative energy, re-purposing sets, reducing plastics, donating food...  

    We need to talk about it. We need to let each other know.

    Reel Green is our forum to learn, share and discuss everyone's concerns, actions and solutions to improve sustainability in our industry.

    All departments, all positions, all thoughts welcome. 

    Reel Green is more than a website - it’s a movement.

    Our crews know how to react quickly to changes.

    We get things done and we do them extremely well.

    It’s going to take effort - as much as we put into getting every shot -

    but it’s our responsibility & challenge to transform BC into the most sustainable production centre in the world.

    It's the numbers. There are over 42,000 of us working in this industry.

    Our sustainable choices have a massive impact on the quality of our lives, and the world!

    Can you imagine if we all stopped idling...

  • I pledge to focus on the numbers to reduce impacts on my productions.