Ambassador Statement

I'm the VP, Industry/Government Affairs & Sustainability at Whites. My role involves networking and liaising with industry colleagues all across the country in the service of better informed and educated governments and bureaucracies vis a vis the job-creating potential and overall economic impact of our sector.

My interest in sustainable production, in part, is the result of having had a ring-side seat to the excess and waste created by production when I was a production coordinator some 20 years ago. In no small measure that left a lasting impact and catalyzed my commitment to do my utmost to change our practices, both as a company and an industry.

At Whites, I'm engaged in national waste management and energy efficiency initiatives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint as a company, and contributing to sustainability for our business through cost containment associated with energy efficiency.

On the industry-facing side, I am in the development of projects that will ultimately provide us with an inventory that can help our client productions minimize their carbon footprint.