Reel Green Ambassadors

Reel Green Ambassadors are committed individuals who support the Reel Green mission and champion new ways of working and raising the profile of sustainability in the motion picture industry.
  • Eligible applicants for the Reel Green Ambassador program are those who have done at minimum 3 of the following criteria.

    • You've taken at minimum 1 Carbon Literacy Course with Reel Green.
    • You've attended at minimum 1 Reel Green General Meeting.
    • You are subscribed to the Reel Green Newsletter
    • You are an Advisory Committee Member.

    If three of the above criteria apply to you, take a look at the pledge and commitment to continue with your Ambassador Application!

  • Being a Reel Green Ambassador means you are a champion for the Reel Green mission! All Reel Green Ambassador’s pledge to:


    1. Further the Reel Green mission and share Reel Green communications to spread awareness.
    2. Commit to at least 1 green action (you can always do more!)  related to the motion picture industry and share your story at the end of the year in the December Reel Green Newsletter. This action could be big or small, it’s up to you! As long as it promotes and works towards sustainable production.


    Ambassadorships are for 2-year terms and roll over in the closest calendar year. To continue being a Reel Green Ambassador, simply contact us to apply again!

  • We are seeking committed individuals!  Join us to advance sustainable production for the betterment of the industry and the world.

    1. Check your eligibility for the program.
    2. Let us know if you are committed to sustainable production in motion picture.  Email us at to express interest in being an Ambassador or sign up via the online form.

    3. Tell us about yourself –

      1. What’s your role in the motion picture industry? How do you think about sustainable practices in your job?

      2. Why are you excited about Reel Green and championing sustainable production?

    We want to showcase you and your effort!

    Reel Green Ambassadors will have a dedicated page on the Reel Green website to show our strength in numbers.  Once confirmed as an Ambassador, please send us:

    1. A photo/headshot

    2. Name and organization/role in the industry as you would like it to appear on the website, and any other information such as links, photos, video, etc.

    We will include you on the Reel Green Ambassador webpage and send you a designation (see the button on the right) to acknowledge your efforts.

    Note Reel Green will only accept Ambassador applications from individuals who are located and working in the province of British Columbia.

  • We're excited to showcase a contingent of industry members who are passionate about seeing change within the motion picture industry. Each Reel Green Ambassador has pledged to move forward the initiative of a more sustainable motion picture industry.

    Take a look below at the Reel Green Ambassadors and learn what drives them to pursue sustainable production.

    Julie Bernard | Manager of Production Services + Reel Green™ Partnerships Lead, at Creative BC

     Smiely Khurana | Reel Green™ Sustainability Lead

    Aly Bérubé | Producer

    Jason Cameron | UBCP/ACTRA

    Suzanne Carter | MYO Cosmetic Cases

    Daniel Domachowski | Circus

    Clara George | Producer

     David Hardy | Vice President, Industry/Gov't Affairs & Sustainability at Whites

    David Halliday | Transportation Coordinator

    Brent Hodge | Director & Filmmaker, Hodgee Films

    Corbin Jensen | Set Decorator, IATSE 891

    Alyssa Kostello | Indie Writer, Producer, Director, Actor, 1 or 2AD

    Laura Mary Clarke | RN, First Aid /Craft Services, HomeMade Care

    Yvonne Melville | Production Manager

    Pete Mitchell | President & COO, Vancouver Film Studios

    Joanne Morneau | Costumer, IATSE 891

    Paul Mulder | IATSE 891 Props Department

    Julia Neville | International Representative, IATSE

    Brandon Saunders | Facilities Maintenance Technician, SIM International

    Barbara Ann Schoemaker | Production Manager & Directors Guild of Canada

    Tim Sebert | SIM International

    Zee Salehian | Strategic Manager, Film Division, United Rentals

    Andrew Williamson | Producer