Joanne Morneau | Reel Green Ambassador

  • My involvement with Reel Green started in May 2018 on a remote beach in Hawaii. I literally walked upon an ugly, beat up, white plastic toothbrush that had washed ashore on a pristine black sand beach. This was my wake-up call to take action to help the world break free from plastic. 

    After attending the Carbon Literacy course in July 2018, I came up with the idea for Re-use Ware – cutlery kits and beverage slings made from textile scraps and up-cycled clothing.  I also switched to a bamboo toothbrush.

    Productions providing an endless supply of single use, disposable cutlery, coffee cups, water bottles and food containers, and using plastics (in all sorts of shapes, sizes and forms) needs to change. I will do my best to help the Costume Departments and the BC film industry become more sustainable.  

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  • I pledge to bring my own reusable cutlery, napkin and food containers to work to help reduce BC Film's garbage output.