Julie Bernard | Reel Green Ambassador

  • Julie works closely with local and international producers providing valuable services,  resources and location expertise to help market the province as a film destination and helps lead the Reel Green Initiative in collaboration with the motion picture industry.

    “I felt that it was time to champion the Reel Green program once again, since its creation in 2006. Being a huge nature lover, I felt passionate about making a difference and wanted to help our industry realize the importance of sustainability to help save our planet.  Thanks to the amazing expertise from Zena Harris, we have been able to create a 5-year strategic plan in collaboration with our local industry organizations. The Reel Green Initiative, especially the Carbon Literacy course, has been really empowering for our crews in becoming more sustainable; all contributing to BC being one of the greenest production centers.  It’s been very satisfying for me to see so many in our industry become passionate about finding solutions in their departments and implementing best practices. I truly believe that we can make environmental sustainability the ONLY way to make motion pictures. We all need to green it forward!! “

  • I pledge to empower everyone around me to stop using plastic bags, straws, and bottles, and I will be in an electric car within the next year.