Reel Green Ambassador Pledge

Our pledge as a Reel Green Ambassador is to connect with Sustainable Lockup for the donation of foods and sandwiches and help others while diverting from landfill and support local vendors.

We also pledge to:

  • educate, encourage, empower crew to say no to plastic;
  • bring your own reusable/refillable drinking bottles (ensuring several water stations are available);
  • provide a selection of “ugly mugs” for crew use and use stainless steel cutlery on our craft table (we do the washing) along with compostable utensils and paper goods;
  • personally, use all reusable dinnerware & containers while on set;
  • incorporate Meatless Monday’s;
  • work with Production to use/provide appropriate recycle bins and stay purposed to make continued progress in sustainable action on productions.