2017 Sustainable Production Forum Recap

The 2017 Sustainable Production Forum, focused on Action Now. Panels of experts discussed the ever-changing nature of sustainability in physical production from the studio and city perspective, international collaborations, innovations and education for the next generation filmmakers.

Read the "Recap of the Sustainable Production Forum at VIFF 2017".


Thank you to our keynote speaker, guest speakers and moderators. Videos of the sessions will be posted soon.

Keynote Address: Lydia Dean Pilcher, CEO/Producer, Cine Mosaic,Inc. & Co-Founder PGA Green.

Inspiration for the movement that’s revolutionizing the motion picture and television industries.

Session 1: Collaboration and Collective Action

An overview of the sustainable production efforts that have resulted from collaboration and collective, multi-stakeholder action, including an update on the local Reel Green program.

Session 2: Policy Advances for Sustainable Production

Guests learned from stakeholders from industry organizations around the world who are involved in policy advancement at the municipal and regional levels who can enable sustainable production practices.

Session 3: Next Generation

This session brought together university administrators and faculty and industry organizations to share their approach to sustainable production in higher education.

Session 4: Studio Roundtable

Representatives from major studios discussed the latest and greatest in sustainable production, as well as the tools and systems that enable a lighter footprint on set.

Session 5: Power Hour

Industry professionals and city strategists discussed innovative technology and practical applications that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.