Ambassador Statement

I'm an emerging producer in the motion film/tv industry in Vancouver! After attending SPF in 2018, and learning all about the carbon footprint our industry is leaving and what productions are doing to go more green, it had opened my eyes, and I realized this is something we weren't talking about, in schools and on sets!

As a student producer I made it an initiative to bring sustainable practices into my school film productions and educate my colleagues, faculty and mentors, on the importance of green productions. Starting on smaller, indie film sets, I found it easier to adapt, manage and teach crew how to be more sustainable, such as going paperless, sorting and minimizing waste, and reducing consumption of plastic and fuel. 

Implementing these new changes can encourage students to continue making a change when going out into the industry.  Highlighting that everyone is contributing to a bigger change is not only empowering, but is leading the next generation of change-makers in our industry.

As a producer, I want to continue promoting greener productions, reduce my carbon footprint, teach others how they can make an impact and also create sets and crews that people are proud to be a part of! 

I care about sustainable production because I believe that telling a great story and being in the entertainment industry shouldn't mean costing our planet its natural resources. I believe everyone has the power to make a change.