Suzanne Carter | Reel Green Ambassador

  • I am Suzanne Carter, an inventor and founder of eco-conscious beauty brand M•Y•O Cosmetic Cases. I believe that no matter what business you’re in, protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

    Our team has innovated a first of its kind hand held magnetic, reusable and refillable cosmetic case with the versatility to hold multiple types of makeup (pan, pencils, creams and more), the ‘ULTIMATE TOUCH-UP KIT’, to consolidate overflowing makeup artist bags while reducing cosmetic packaging waste.

    With 120 billion units of cosmetic packaging produced globally (2018), the majority of which end up in landfills, we not only wanted to offer a functional solution for makeup artists, we wanted to offer a solution for our future.

    In addition to being a sustainable product, our M•Y•O [Makeup Your Own] Pro Kit is increasing efficiencies for makeup artists – saving valuable touch up time on set, alleviating physical strain by pairing down makeup bags and with pre-case set ups, adding clarity to character continuity.

    Working in collaboration with professional makeup artists, every aspect of our M•Y•O Pro Kit design is intentional: built for longevity, lightweight, and the ability to be customizable, refillable, reusable, sanitize-able and eventually recycled or up-cycled (see our Take Back Program). Made in Vancouver, Canada.

    Already making an impact in the TV/Film industry globally, our M•Y•O Pro Kits are seen on set of: Supergirl, Vikings, Schitt’s Creek, Van Helsing, Connan O’Brien, Sneaky Pete, Fosse/Verdon, Posse, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and many, many more…

    From the words of our makeup and hair artist customers, we have innovated a "Game Changer!” With a focus on people and planet, M•Y•O Cosmetic Cases is truly honoured to be a Reel Green Ambassador and excited to spread the word.


  • I have arranged to be a speaker at the Make-up Artist & Hair Style Unions in Los Angeles and New York this fall to share that our product will assist to increase efficiencies on set (ultimately saving productions money), is made to last (Supergirl has 24 cases on set using them for over a year and half) and is and eco-refillable, reusable, sanitize-able (which is HUGE!) and up-cycleable product.

    I pledge to share all the incredible work Reel Green is doing for the Production industry, and our world, through these scheduled education sessions and at all Makeup Artist Trade Shows. We are scheduled to attend two trade shows in the fall, the International Makeup Artist Trade Show in Toronto and the week long educational event for pro makeup artists, I'm Going To Class, in Portland Oregon.