Yvonne Melville | Reel Green Ambassador

  • VIFF’S Sustainable Production Forum in 2016 got me excited about stepping up Green & Sustainable Practices in production.  It’s quite simply our responsibility to be better stewards of the planet - both personally & within our industry - and to promote and encourage best-practices that we can take an active part in developing.

    As EMELLIE O’BRIEN at Earth Angel, NYC said so well.. “we do not have cinematic immunity…to being responsible to the environment”

    Although Vancouver Productions were lauded for being leaders in N.America for sustainable practices already in play, there is plenty of room for improvement & forward-thinking advancements.

    Staying on top of implementing new technologies & sustainable initiatives as well as actively mining the rich resources of our collective innovations & ideas, as an industry, is critical towards achieving those goals. 

    BC productions combined purchasing power represents a significant influence that we have in affecting the changes we want to see by supporting more sustainable practices, products & services.  Those choices & practices inform, influence & bring awareness to our crew, their families/friends, our employers, vendors & the public we interact with.

    We can make a big difference!

  • I pledge to actively pursue emerging sustainable initiatives to incorporate into production practices and encourage others to act & share their ideas.