Zee Salehian | Reel Green Ambassador

  • As an equipment provider to the Film Industry, we want to be a part of solving environmental issues associated with the industry.

    Apart from managing our Film Division, one of my passions is also to lower our carbon footprint / reduce costs / reduce waste and to establish a cleaner, greener and safer environment that is sustainable going forward.

    The industry has minimal regulation and so we wanted to go above & beyond the current mandates to be environmentally correct and be as sustainable as possible.



  • As a Reel Green Ambassador, I pledge to implement and utilize:

    • recycling - we have high efficiency locations (electrical / heating / water saving) bio-oil / using bio-hydraulic where possible.
    • motion sensor light switches (energy saving), radiant heating in our shops, propane & battery powered lifts as much as possible.
    • motion censored wash bays, water fill up stations to minimize plastic bottles, and LED lighting.
    • reduction in costs in energy, gas & lighting bills.
    • continual education and change throughout our organization.
    • lowering of our carbon footprint = Less waste / Better use of our resources.