BCMF Sound Recording Program - Now closed

WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THIS PROGRAM; However, new opportunities are now available through Amplify BC. For Sound Recording, Artist Marketing, and Music Video support, see Amplify BC's Career Development program for 2018/2019 application details and sign up for the music newsletter.

The Sound Recording Program is one of the funding programs of the $15 million BC Music Fund supported by the Province of BC.

The program is designed to strengthen the province’s sound recording industry and attract Canadian and international business for long term sustainability.

This program supports the development of the sound recording sector in BC. Record labels, artists-entrepreneurs or other music companies can apply for a grant to cover 50% of sound recording expenses in BC, to a maximum of $75,000. Sound recording budgets must be $3,000 or higher.

Sound Recording Program Budget: $3 million.

Application Information

Below are application materials and the FAQ’s for the Sound Recording Program.


If you have any additional questions, please contact:
Gina Loes, Program Analyst, BC Music Fund
Phone: +1 604 730 2253