BCMF Industry Initiatives - Now closed

WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THIS PROGRAM; however, new opportunities are now available through amplify bc. see the amplify bc's industry initiatives program for 2018/2019 application details and sign up for the music newsletter.



The BCMF Industry Initiatives Program is one of the funding programs of the $15 million BC Music Fund supported by the Province of BC. This program is designed to support new or expanded initiatives and events that will grow and develop British Columbia’s music ecosystem. Successful projects will build the capacity of BC’s music industry through knowledge transfer, skills development, and the creation of new business opportunities. Projects must demonstrate a collective benefit to BC’s music industry, or to one aspect of BC’s music industry, and cannot predominantly benefit one artist, company or organization.

Canadian not-for-profit organizations and companies are eligible to apply for up to 50% of project costs.

Industry Initiatives Program Budget: $1 million


Applications will be scored based on the goals of the BC Music Fund and the capacity of the applicant to deliver the project.

Applications will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis starting December 15, 2016, and ending March 5, 2018. Applications will be accepted until funds for the program are no longer available.

The deadline for submitting project summaries was March 5, 2018, and the deadline for full applications is March 19, 2018.


For information on how to apply, please be sure to read the Guidelines and Scoring Sheet for the Industry Initiatives Program:

Industry Initiatives Program Guidelines (PDF)

Industry Initiatives Scoring Sheet (PDF)

Prospective applicants are required to submit a one-page project summary including the follow information:

  • Project description;
  • List of all partners involved in the project; and
  • Description of the knowledge gap or need in BC’s music industry that this project serves. Explain how the project will serve this need.

After receipt of this project summary, a meeting will be scheduled with Brenda Grunau, Manager of the BC Music Fund, to discuss the project. Projects that meet the goals of this funding program will be invited to submit a full application to the Industry Initiatives program, and given the link to the online application form.

final report information


If you have any additional questions, please contact:
Brenda Grunau, Manager, BC Music Fund
Phone: +1 604 730 2251