Careers of BC Artists Program FAQs

Q: How do I register my business to apply for funding?

A: All applicants must be either a registered business or incorporated company to apply. A registered business is a partnership or sole proprietorship. Applicants can learn more about how to register their business at

Q: What is a “Certificate of Incorporation” or “Statement of Registration”?

A: Incorporated Companies will be issued a “Certificate of Incorporation” that states the date of incorporation. If you are a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership, you will be issued a “Statement of Registration” when you register your business. You will need to submit one of these documents as part of your application.

Q: I am a sole proprietor, and am not required to register my business because my business name is my legal name. How can I apply for this grant?

A: If your sole proprietorship is your legal name, and your taxable sales require you to collect and report GST, you can submit your GST number in lieu of your “Statement of Registration”. If you do not earn more than $30,000 and do not want to register for a GST number, you can register your sole proprietorship under a business name (for example: Jane Smith Music). You will be issued a “Statement of Registration” to submit with your grant application.

Q: Do I need a GST number to apply for this grant?

A: No. You don’t need a GST number for this grant but are legally required to apply for a GST number when you meet the $30,000 annual sales threshold for taxable goods and services. Please note that grant funding is to be reported as personal income, not as part of your taxable sales.

Q: What if I am a registered business in Ontario or another Canadian province?

A: Incorporated companies from outside BC are eligible to apply, but registered businesses outside BC are not. You can register a new BC business if you have a physical BC address.

Q: Why does the Careers of BC Artists Program require me to register my business?

A: The BC Music Fund stimulates economic activity for professional artists and businesses in the music sector. Registering as a business requires applicants to adhere to formal business practices such as opening a business bank account and separating taxable business activity from personal finances.

Q: What if my project has already started? Can I start incurring costs before I submit an application or hear back about my application?

A: Eligible marketing activities and costs incurred on or after January 1st, 2017, are eligible for this program. You may include expenses that have taken place before you submit or before you hear back about your results of your application.

Q: Can artists from outside of BC or Canada apply for funding?

A: No. Eligible projects must benefit a BC artist who has been a resident of BC for a minimum of 12 months prior to applying, and is also a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Music companies from outside BC who work with BC artists are eligible to apply on behalf of their BC artists who meet the residency and citizenship requirements.

Q: What is required as proof of residency?

A: Proof of residency may be requested and could include dated documents with your address including a copy of your lease, hydro bill, phone bill, etc.

Q: Does this program include sound recording, tour support, or business travel?

A: No. The Careers of BC Artists program funds marketing and promotional initiatives only. BC Music Fund tour support is administered by Music BC’s travel grant programs. Visit for more information on tour funding.

Q: Can I pay myself to work on my own project?

A: No. Only third party costs are eligible, so if you are the artist, or the applicant, you are not eligible to claim any your own services related to your project.

Q: Can I hire a video production company from outside BC to work on my project?

A: Yes, as long as the video is produced in BC.

Q: I’m a video production company. Can I submit an application on behalf of the artist?

A: No. The company paying for the project should be the applicant. The video company can supply the video treatment to the artist, but the artist or artist’s label should submit the application.

Q: Do I include GST in my budget?

A: No. As a BC registered business, the applicant company applying can claim any GST spent on the project to the CRA as part of the tax refund for the business. For this reason, we do not include GST in your eligible expenses you would be claiming the GST amount twice.

Q: Do I include PST in my budget?

A: Yes, you can include PST as an eligible expense.

Q: If I want to make changes to my application, do I need to reapply?

A: No. Please finalize all your documents before submitting. Changes to your original application may be submitted to your Program Analyst and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Incomplete applications may not be processed.

Q: If a music company is applying on behalf of an artist, what kind of contract do you require?

A: If a music company is applying for funding on behalf of the artist, the company will need need to submit a signed recording, licensing or ownership agreement that outlines the terms of the agreement between the company and the artist. The agreement must show that there is a relationship between the applicant company and artist, and that the applicant company has the rights to use whatever creative content will be used for the project.

Q: If I am the artist and the applicant, do I need to submit a contract with myself?

A: No. However, if you have band members that hold creative shares in a project who are not co-owners of the company that is applying, you will need to submit an agreement between your company and the rest of the band.

Q: Is Radio Starmarker considered private funding? What about Peak Performance project funding?

A: Yes. Both these funders are private funders.

Q: Will Creative BC issue T4s?

A: No. All awards are taxable; however, Creative BC does not issue T4s because grants are issued directly to registered businesses and incorporated companies, not individuals. The applicant is responsible for reporting all awards as taxable income.

Q: When and how will I get my cheque?

A: Successful applicants will be notified of their funding offer by email. Grant cheques will be issued upon the receipt of and a detailed cost report, with copies of invoices and receipts.

Q: Do I need a separate bank account for my business? Do I have to issue all my eligible expenses from that account?

A: Yes. All cheques will be made out directly to the applicant. Applicants will need to have a bank account in the name of their business in order to deposit grant funds. All eligible expenses in the final report must be issued from the applicant’s account.