Regional Film Funding

    • Creative BC works in partnership with regional film offices to facilitate economic growth and job creation in the province by showcasing BC’s diversity of film locations and by providing client-centred production services and support to BC’s screen based industries.  The purpose of the Regional Film Funding program is to assist the existing network of regional film offices to facilitate production in areas outside of the Lower Mainland, help build and showcase BC’s inventory of film locations, ensure production friendly procedures are in place through local regulatory authorities and work in partnership with Creative BC to make BC the easiest and best place to produce screen based entertainment in all regions of the province.

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    • In order to be eligible for funding, applicants must be:

      • A Not-for Profit Society;  or,
      • Part of an existing governance entity such as a regional district, municipality, economic development or tourism agency;
      • Governed by an active Board of Directors (where applicable);
      • Engaged in the production of programs and initiatives in keeping with Creative BC’s mandate and mission to encourage and grow screen based content production  and the development of a strong domestic and foreign production sector; and
      • An organization that is in good standing (i.e. not in default) with Creative BC.
    • Each regional film office is required to complete a Request for Funding application and outline how it plans to allocate funds to deliver regional film production support that best reflects regional needs and priorities.  Creative BC has identified the following activities and initiatives as key priorities for regional funding:

      • Update inventory of regional locations and provide Creative BC with industry standard images and complete contact information; (twice per annum)
      • Deliver regional production services, location expertise and logistical support to visiting productions;
      • Support and collaborate with Creative BC to showcase relevant regional locations and deliver location packages to clients in a timely manner;
      • Participate with Creative BC at industry specific marketing and tradeshow events;
      • Collaborate in the development and creation of unified promotional materials, programs and events;
      • Partner in the design and delivery of regional familiarization tours;
      • Develop inventory of regional production service and supply ie) crew-base, infrastructure, suppliers
      • Maintain and update film specific regional web page.
    • The Regional Funding Application solicits organization information from each applicant and requests brief details as to how each regional office intends to use the funding, the objectives for the funding requested, the intended activities, expected outcomes as well as a description of how activities/initiatives will be evaluated.  The purpose of this information is to enable Creative BC to demonstrate to its Board and the Provincial Government the positive economic return of funding provided to support regional screen-based industry activities.