What documents are considered proof of BC residency?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires a copy of any one of the following documents to support residency status:

  • Notice of assessment (T1) showing that the individual is a resident of Canada/province for the relevant tax year;
  • Letter from the CRA giving an opinion of the individual’s residency status in Canada for the relevant year(s)*;
  • Long-term (one year or more) lease or purchase of a Canadian dwelling with utility and/or cell phone bills showing the individual is living at that Canadian address.

*After completing Form NR74, Determination of Residency Status (Entering Canada) or NR73, Determination of residency status (leaving Canada).

OR if none of the above documents are available, the CRA requires a copy of three of the following documents to support residency status.

  • Copy of the last income tax return filed in the country of origin and/or any document filed with the foreign tax authority in which the individual has declared that they are no longer a resident.
  • Short-term (less than a year) lease agreement or letter from a landlord supporting a rental agreement.
  • Provincial/territorial health or services card for the individual, their spouse and/or dependant.
  • Driver’s licence or vehicle registration from the relevant province/territory**.
  • Professional association or union membership in Canada.
  • Statements of accounts (ex. bank accounts, retirement savings plan, credit cards, securities accounts) from a Canadian branch of a financial institution.

**A provincial or territorial services card that includes health care and a driver’s licence will count as two documents.

For further information on residency status determination, refer to the CRA’s Residency Guidelines or contact the CRA Film Services Unit at 1-866-317-0473.