Is there a time limit for applying for an accreditation certificate?

There is no time limit for applying for an accreditation certificate. However, there are two important deadlines you need to be aware of under PSTC:

  1. Prior to submitting a PSTC application, you must register for Pre-certification with Creative BC within 60 days after the production’s first accredited BC labour expenditure is incurred. See more details in our PSTC Pre-certification FAQ; and
  1. There is a deadline for claiming the PSTC with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and an accreditation certificate is required for CRA to process the PSTC claim. See more information here.

Production companies are encouraged to apply for an accreditation certificate as early as possible in the pre-production or production stage. This allows time to address any issues that may put a production offside prior to the start of the production.