Funding offers will be sent automatically to eligible artists. There is no application form for this program. Artists must accept their funding offer by May 15, 2020. Full payments will be issued within 5-10 business days of accepting the funding offer.

  • Funding offers will be sent to Creative BC artists on Friday, April 17
  • Funding offers will be sent to Music BC and First Peoples' Cultural Council artists on Tuesday, April 21

The list of eligible artists receiving funding offers is below:


Eligible artists will receive an offer letter via email from Creative BC indicating their grant amount based on application information previously provided.
  • Emerging artists are defined by Creative BC as an artist earning a minimum of $2,000 a year from music activities, who have previously released a minimum of 2 songs on a public platform, and have an online presence for their project.
  • Established artists meet all the Emerging criteria, but also earn a significant portion of their livelihood from music, have an extensive catalogue of releases, industry support, a wide listener audience, and experience performing and releasing music both nationally and internationally.