William Vince

In a short but prolific career, William Vince produced over 30 feature films including “The Snow Walker”, “Saved!”, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and the 2006 Academy Award best picture nominee “Capote”.

During this time, William established a reputation as a producer with wide-ranging technical knowledge and experience in all aspects of international feature film production, from complicated financing scenarios through post-production and distribution.

William was a champion of emerging filmmakers, giving many people their start in the Vancouver industry. His legacy can be found in the careers of hundreds of film industry veterans who either got their first job with him, or were given the chance to move up the ladder on one of his productions.

William’s legacy can also be found in the considerable charitable work he did. From a film training program for youth at risk in the downtown eastside of Vancouver to working to raise awareness of dyslexia, William was generous with his time, talent and wisdom.